A new Conservative government will work with provinces and territories to protect waters

Conservative candidate for Richmond-Arthabaska Alain Rayes was joined by Robert Coutu, candidate for La Pointe-de-l’île, and spoke at Parc de l’hôtel de ville about Canada’s Conservative’s plan to protect our waters. A new Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer will work with the provinces and municipalities to put an end to raw sewage being dumped in waterways across Canada.

“Our waterways should not be used as a toxic dumping ground and it’s our responsibility to protect these vital natural assets for future generations to enjoy,” said Rayes. “In one of her first acts as environment minister, Catherine McKenna gave the go-ahead to the City of Montreal to dump eight billion litres of raw sewage into one of Canada’s most iconic waterways, the Saint Lawrence River. It’s disgusting and it’s wrong. We will help put an end to it.”

Eight billion litres is the equivalent of 3,200 Olympic-sized swimming pools.