Our report: 2018 Conservative National Policy Convention

September 04, 2018

MMFC Delegates and Ed and Annette Fast

Strong. Ready. For Canada.

A full team of delegates represented our Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon riding association in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 23 to 25 at the 2018 Conservative Party National Policy Convention, the final step in the Party’s two-year policy proposal and constitutional amendment process.

This is the first policy convention under Andrew Scheer’s leadership. It is also the largest meeting of Canada's Conservatives and, despite Maxime Bernier’s attempt to disrupt the event, revealed a strong and united Conservative Party.

The slogan for this year's convention was Strong. Ready. For Canada.

Strong. All eyes are on Andrew Scheer, the Leader of the Official Opposition, as we head into Election 2019. The “blue wave” is rising across the nation as Canadians, eager for true leadership, turn to Conservatives at both the provincial and national level. During the Opening Ceremony Ontario Premier Doug Ford referred to the growing wave of conservativism across the country, especially in Alberta.

Maxime Bernier timed his resignation press conference to inflict maximum damage failed to achieve his goal. His spectacular flameout saw Conservative MPs and delegates unite behind Andrew Scheer, the opposite of his intended effect.

Michelle Rempel probably said it best, speaking about Bernier’s intent to build a new national party.

“If he works as hard as he has in the Conservative Party, we don't have a lot to worry about.”

Ready. Andrew Scheer is ready to serve all Canadians as the next Prime Minister of Canada. He delivered a confident, personal and profound message Friday evening in Halifax, showing he is ready to lead our nation in 2019. It was truly the highlight of the convention, especially when he spoke of the true nature of diversity and what it means for Canada and Canadians.

Menno Froese, our riding association vice-president, is a veteran Conservative Party volunteer and experienced convention delegate. He enthusiastically expressed his thoughts on the state of the party and our leader.

“Best convention ever! Most number of delegates ever! Largest number of first timers ever! Most lively debate ever! Best Leader’s speech by Andrew Scheer ever! Most enthused about what we can do in 2019 ... ever!”

For Canada. Policy informs the platform for government. Delegates vigorously debated and voted on many proposals through three separate policy sessions on Friday. The top ten proposals from each session moved on to plenary sessions held on Saturday, where these were debated and voted on again.

One of our delegates and first-time convention attendee Paul Schmidt said, "I had a very good time. Lots of fun getting to know new people and lots of stimulating conversation both one on one and at the policy sessions."

What stood out?

1. The level and tone of respect each MP and delegate showed one another, despite the possibly contentious nature of some of the issues up for debate.

2. The immense satisfaction we drew from participating in this policy process. We passed resolutions with the potential to improve the lives of Canadians here at home and, in those policies focused on foreign relations, the citizens of nations around the globe.

3. The culmination of a policy started in our local riding, in conjunction with Calgary Centre and supported by MP Erin O'Toole, when delegate Brad Vis, our candidate in 2019, spoke about the importance reopening the Office of Religious Freedom. This office was founded and implemented by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but was dismantled in 2016 by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

At the riding level, our team is proud of our contribution to the democratic process, led by our riding president Marc Vella, who held a vital role on the National Policy Committee. Each of our MMFC delegates took our obligations seriously, voting on issues for the betterment of our riding’s constituents and according to our conscience.

With Candidate Brad Vis leading the way, our team is unified and working toward electoral success in Election 2019!

The next policy convention will be held in two years, hopefully while the Conservative Party of Canada forms government. Participating in the policy process as a delegate in the riding, then at the regional and national level is a wonderful opportunity to serve your community and the Conservative Party.

If you have questions about how you can help mould the future of Canada through this process, please contact our candidate Brad Vis.

Please consider donating to our riding association today.


Yours sincerely, Your team of MMFC delegates,

Brad Vis, Marc and Nancy Vella, Menno Froese, David Greenhalgh, Blair Kesteven, Liam McInnes, Jason Born, Paul Schmidt, and Chris and Alison Rachel  

Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon Conservative Association


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