Riding Priorities

Brad’s first and foremost priority is earning your trust. He wants to be your voice in Ottawa, not Ottawa’s voice in Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon. 

Every day Brad is in the community reaching out to people in the riding, listening to their concerns and sharing a positive Conservative message. Brad knocks on doors because it’s the best way to hear from you!

If elected, Brad will ensure all parts of the riding have regular access to him and his team to assist with EI, CPP, OAS, immigration and CRA concerns. He wants to be your #1 advocate here in the riding as well as in Ottawa. 

He understands that many people are having a hard time getting ahead. His efforts in Ottawa will focus on ensuring Ottawa is working for you and not the opposite. 



We need appropriate infrastructure dollars allocated to the communities of Mission—Matsqui—Fraser Canyon. Brad pledges to establish regular lines of communication with each mayor and council to ensure that our riding is receiving the tax dollars it needs. 


Safer Streets and Communities

Brad will work with school districts, community groups and police agencies to combat gang violence and stop illegal guns from being smuggled into our communities. Brad plans on visiting every school in the riding in the first year of his mandate to hear directly from our youth. 

With half of BC’s federal prisons located in Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, strong support for our law enforcement agencies will keep our communities safe. 

As your Member of Parliament, Brad will fight to rescind the Liberal changes to Corrections Canada that puts our brave officers at risk. Specifically, this means  removing needle exchange programs and bringing back solitary confinement for the protection of inmates and Corrections Officers alike. 


First Nations

Brad wants to partner with First Nations and help them achieve prosperity and a higher quality of life. Brad will champion first nations language rights, including funding to record elders and pass language skills on to youth.


Environment and Agriculture 

Our electoral district includes some of the most unique areas in the world.

Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park was nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. People travel from all over the world to visit the Stein Valley.

There is more agricultural potential in this riding than most other places in Canada. We see this as a driving economic force in the years ahead and Brad wants to promote the Fraser Canyon and the Fraser Valley’s agricultural produce across Canada and abroad. 

Home to the highest farm-gate sales in Canada, we are only scratching the surface of our agricultural potential. 


Fraser River

We must protect the Fraser River. This includes the development risk management plans to deal with the real and inevitable flooding of the Fraser River, especially in the lower mainland.

The Fraser River is the connecting thread of our entire riding. As we've seen in this summer, a lot more attention must be given to protecting our salmon and sturgeon fisheries for future generations. 


In Ottawa

Brad advocates bringing more attention to the Parliamentary estimates process to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. 

“If I can play a small part in ensuring line item spending in government departments is scrutinized to shed light on the wasteful spending that’s become a hallmark of Ottawa’s disconnect from ordinary Canadians, I’ll be doing my job effectively.”

If Brad is given the opportunity to table a Private Members Bill he will focus on citizen engagement, including a proposal to enhance the petition process to debate matters brought before Parliament. 



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