Conservative Leadership Election



Update your calendars!

Canadians wanting to vote for our next leader (and next Prime Minister of Canada) have until June 3rd to purchase a Conservative Party of Canada membership. CPC members in good standing as of June 3rd will be eligible to vote!

In March of this year, the Party's Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) opened the leadership race. The candidates were Verified as of April 29th according to the leadership election rules, see here.

For an Update from the Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) concerning the verification of Candidates please click here 

The official English language debate takes place on May 11th at 5PM PDT in Edmonton, Alberta and the official French language debate happens on May 25th at 5PM PDT in Laval, Quebec.

In accordance with the Conservative Party of Canada's constitution, voting will be conducted through a mail ballot. Ballots will start arriving in mailboxes in late July and early August. Make sure Party Headquarters receives your filled ballot before September 10th. Instructions will be given concerning the mail ballot process.

We’ll know who the new Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada is on Saturday, September 10th. Party members, you have an important choice ahead! 

For information on memberships and the Verified Candidates, please click here.